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Thursday, January 15, 2009 | 11:03 PM

The class committee is updated. do request through msn or tagboard if you guys want us
to post anything or update anything yeah?
it seems like someone(weixiang) had voice out his new year resolutions already
and hope you guys who come read often will share some interesting stuffs with us yeah?
at the same time to keep this blog alive for a longer period of time lah. hahahhaha.
friday is always the best as it's a veryvery short day. hahahha.
see you guys tmr yeah! :D

Monday, January 12, 2009 | 10:10 PM

This is the long lost admin staff Priscilla posting. LOL.
sorry uh twinkle, always is you post one. >.<
cause there's some errors when i trying to login also.
HMMMMMMMMMMMMMS! Been wanting to talk alittle about this but
haven been doing it since start of january. "What's your new year resolutions?"
i guess the most important one(not just for our class but for the whole 4E5N)
should be to get good grades for our O'level examinations that is held later in the year?
well, for me that's the only thing i wanna concentrate on this year. how about you guys?
if you guys have any new year resolutions(no matter interesting to share or not)
do tag at the tagboard alright? :D
ohyeah! O'level results are out today. hope our class can excel and get better grades than
our seniors which i believe many don't think they did well?
lastly! if you guys have any photos you took during the poly visits or in class
and you want us to post it here, do send it to us and we'll be glad to have more pictures
rather than just words words and still words in this blog. :D
andandand! before i forget again! shall we change our class blogskin and also url?
cause currently it's the 2008 version one. if you guys can make blog skins or thought of any
blog url that is easy to remember at the same time unique, can either tag or tell us in class ya?
thanks in advance!
okay, byebye!

Monday, December 1, 2008 | 2:42 PM

I'm not Twinkle nor Priscilla, but i'm Liyee who is updating this dead class blog!!!
How's everyone's holiday?

But before anything, remember to revise your Chinese Language given out by Ms Li okay!? Infact our class didn't have any class outing at all. What do you guys prefer? No bbq please, it's damn hot and nobody wants to cook right.

Just tag at the tagboard yeah? :)

Enjoy your holidays! :D

Thursday, November 13, 2008 | 8:38 PM
25th post.

Just here to keep this blog alive.
But I think it is partially dead now, as nobody is tagging anymore.
HAHA! Who cares.

Receive a cute e-mail from one of my friend.

New school semester:

During the first week:

During the second week:

Before the Mid-Year Exams:

During the Mid-Year Exams:

After the Mid-Year Exams:

Before the End-Of-Year Exams:

Once you know the End-Of-Year Exams schedule:

7 days before the End-Of-Year Exams:

6 days before the End-Of-Year Exams:

5 days before the End-Of-Year Exams:

4 days before the End-Of-Year Exams:

3 days before the End-Of-Year Exams:

2 days before the End-Of-Year Exams:

1 days before the End-Of-Year Exams:

The night before the End-Of-Year Exams:

1 hour before the End-Of-Year Exams:

During the End-Of-Year Exams:

The moment you walk out of the exam hall:

After the End-Of-Year Exams, during the holidays:


Ok bye, I'm gonna enjoy my Yakult now :D


Saturday, October 25, 2008 | 9:27 PM

Hi. I have a good news for everyone.
The good news is, I have nothing to update. -_________-

Yah, so I'm gonna ask this random question.
You can don't even care about it.
How's everyone holidays so far?

Well, me... what I've done is shopping, shopping and shopping!
Anyone here sponsor me money? Credit cards would be accepted too. :D

You may ignore.

Holiday Outing Activities
Movie Outing: 2 (Increased!)
Sentosa Outing: 12
Wild Wild Wet Outing: 4 (Still the same)
BBQ Outing: 2 (Still the same)

By the way, is anyone's holiday boring?
Watch Naruto or Bleach la!!!
I can assure you that it is very very very nice. (:

Ok bye.

Thursday, October 23, 2008 | 10:34 PM
Happy holidays

I don't want blog liao lah... ):

Everytime blog I must think of the post contents and stuffs lor!!!
Sad leh... then you all just read read read only. I rather read...

Oh my god, why am I even ranting here? Pardon me manzxzxzx.
I will continue this job for 3E3. I will.
3E3 buy me chup chup lollipop to thank me. HAHAHAH! (Joking.)

Anyway, congrats everyone successfully promoted to Sec 4E.

Gah, Ms Kwok is leaving us. *No stress no stress no stress, just turn him to the left left left~*
Super sad, as for me.

Holiday Outing Activities
Movie Outing: 1 (Forever 1 vote)
Sentosa Outing: 11 (Support the Merlion -_-)
Wild Wild Wet Outing: 4 (Still the same)
BBQ Outing: 2 (Increase by one more vote! (:)

Come on come on, vote alrights. (:

Oh, and please don't ask me questions like "Are you planning this.. Are you planning that.."
I can tell you my answer, I sucked in planning stuffs.
I'm just playing an calafare role, playing a host for the Holidays Outing Activities.
Annoucing the votes numbers this and that, like a retarded. :D

You all may ask Priscilla to plan or something.
Thank you for your cooperation. (:

28 October: 8am to 11am (Tuesday)
30 October: 11am to 1.30pm (Thursday)

***D&T and F&N students going to the ________ thingy.
Assemble at the F&N kitchen at 10.30am next Tuesday. (28 October)
Physics student assemble after Physics extra class.

**P.s: Actually, I myself is not very sure also.
I just heard all these while Ms Noreen is talking.
So just confirm around by asking your friends or stuffs.

Ya ya ya, you can say I'm not responsible.
Whatever, I don't give a damn yo! (:

I don't think I will update often during the holidays.
Holidays update what sia! -_-


Monday, October 20, 2008 | 4:45 PM
In the ayer , ay , ayer , ayer , ay , ayer.

Hi there. Today there is no school as it was the Promotion Day.
Hope everyone got promoted.
No worries, we got super good teacher to help.
Ms Kwokkkkkkkkkkkkkk, the kind hearted lady. (:

Holiday Outing Activities
Movie Outing: 1
Sentosa Outing: 8 (Wow O_O)
Wild Wild Wet Outing: 4 (nice number, nice number! :D)
BBQ Outing: 1

Come on come on, vote alrights. (:

By the way, any songs to introduce to put up on our class blog?
Tag your desire song title and I will make a music player for here.

Actually I have some songs in mind. Crush by David Archuleta.

Or or, Great DJ by The Tings Tings?
(Imagine all the girls, ah ah, ah, ah, ah ah ah ah.)

Or or, Naruto Shippuden Opening 3 song, Blue bird by Ikimono Gakari?
(Aoi aoi ano sora...)

But I think, putting anime songs is unfair to those who don't watch anime isn't it?
So forget about the blue birdie (:

Oh well, give me your opinions!
For now, I will put a piano melody. :D

Bye, Naruto Shippuden time. :D :D